N!CK'S Ice Cream, the first and ever-popular Swedish-style light ice cream brand, is excited to announce their partnership with Grammy-Award winning electronic music producer, songwriter, and DJ Zedd. As a long-time brand fan and ice cream connoisseur, Zedd worked closely with the N!CK'S team to create the flavor of the summer: Chilly Mango.

The limited time offering Chilly Mango is a mango ice cream with the perfect hint of spice and a sweet strawberry swirl that is also keto-friendly with no added sugar, 9 grams of protein, and only 240 calories per pint. These nutritionals are consistent with N!CK'S mission to find creative solutions through science to make the world a healthier place. Chilly Mango is the latest iteration of N!CK'S delicious treats that provide the experience, taste and quality of a full fat ice cream all with the better-for-you benefits.

"We were excited to learn that Zedd had discovered our ice cream on his own, and even more thrilled when we had the opportunity to work with him on a custom flavor," said N!CK'S CEO, Carlos Altschul. "Our partnership with Zedd was extremely organic, which reflects in the unique and authentically adventurous Chilly Mango flavor, a refreshing mango ice cream with the perfect amount of spice and a swirl of sweet strawberry."

A N!CK's fan through and through, Zedd is taking his love for the sweet Swedish treats to the next level by becoming a shareholder in the brand. 

"I first discovered N!CK'S Swedish Lemon Bar pint and I was blown away. After being able to work with the N!CK'S team to dream up Chilly Mango, I might just have a new favorite flavor!" said Zedd. "I'm excited to have been able to team up with a brand like N!CK'S and hope that fans everywhere love the sweet yet spicy pint we created!"

N!CK's x Zedd Chilly Mango will be available for purchase at $9.99 per pint on N!CK's website and at retailers across the U.S. this June. 

About N!CK'S
Founded in Sweden by Carl Backlund and Niclas Luthman in 2017, N!CK'S has expanded to 16 markets including the US and UK with their "Better For You" snacking treats. With a proprietary blend of sweeteners and exclusive patent protected ingredients, N!CK'S delivers the experience of full fat, full sugar snacks with a fraction of the calories and no added sugar. Additional milestones for the global food-tech innovator of healthy and indulgent snacks and ice cream include becoming the No. 1 new snack bar release on Amazon, the No. 1 U.S. direct-to-consumer pint ice cream delivery brand since July 2021 and raising $100 million in Series C funding in October 2021.