Family-owned snacking brand Fresh Cravings, known for its chilled salsa and hummus dips, announced an expansion to its product portfolio: Creamy Dips. Launching nationwide at Kroger and Kroger banners, the brand’s two new dairy-based dips include Kale Artichoke and Poblano Street Corn. As an elevated take on traditional recipes, these thoughtfully crafted dips provide unique flavor experiences and are packed with whole food ingredients and zesty spices. In addition to the brand’s new Creamy Dips, Fresh Cravings also launched two new flavors of salsa: Triple Pepper, which packs a flavorful heat, and Peach Mango, a sweet and tangy salsa with a tropical twist. These two new salsas are also available regionally at Kroger and Kroger Banners.

The newly launched Kale Artichoke 8-ounce Dip is made with the perfect combination of vegetables and cheese, packed with hearty kale, diced and roasted whole artichokes, and plenty of creamy goodness. The Poblano Street Corn 10-ounce Dip is made from poblano peppers, roasted corn, cotija cheese, lime, and spices, creating a sweet yet zesty flavor—sure to be a crowd pleaser at barbecues, tailgates, and family celebrations.

Fresh Cravings Peach Mango 14-ounce Salsa is made with ripe peaches, sweet mango pieces, and crisp vegetables for a refreshing snack or topper to your favorite summer meal. It is available regionally in the Southeast and Midwest. Fresh Cravings Triple Pepper 14-ounce Salsa is inspired by spicy Southwest flavors, featuring a proprietary blend of jalapeño, Anaheim, and Scotch bonnet peppers. It is available in Western and Southwestern states.

“As we continue our mission to elevate snacking and bring people together to ‘Crave Goodness,’ our goal is to offer unique flavors that can be enjoyed alongside loved ones. We are excited to add these four new items into Fresh Cravings’ family of products,” said Jay Whitney, chief marketing officer of FoodStory Brands. “In addition to the distinctive flavors these new products provide, our expansion into dairy-based dips reflects our commitment to provide snack-lovers with thoughtfully curated recipes and affordably priced products.”

These new products are versatile as a snack or an entree add-on, providing a large variety of possible pairings. For example, the Peach Mango Salsa pairs great with grilled fish or al pastor pork, while the Triple Pepper Salsa adds zesty heat to a taco salad or rice bowl. Beyond scooping them up with your favorite chip, vegetable, or cracker, the Kale Artichoke and Poblano Street Corn Creamy Dips are delicious on baked chicken, roasted veggies, or mixed into a side dish. 

About Fresh Cravings
At Fresh Cravings, we believe snacking should begin with high-quality ingredients and bold flavors worth celebrating. That’s why we create elevated recipes for authentic-tasting chilled salsas, flavor-filled hummus, and veggie-packed creamy dips that are sure to satisfy any craving. Our refrigerated salsas are a vibrant alternative to the soft, dull blends of jarred salsa and are made with vine-ripened tomatoes and crisp vegetables that are never cooked or pasteurized. According to SPINS data, Fresh Cravings Salsa is available to more U.S. shoppers than any other branded refrigerated salsa. As the fastest growing brand of hummus, Fresh Cravings surpassed 40 other brands, in the past year, to become the 4th largest hummus brand in the U.S. It is the only hummus on the market made with Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which gives it a smooth taste and texture. Fresh Cravings Creamy Dips are a fresh take on traditional recipes thanks to new, unique flavor experiences created with a variety of vibrant vegetables and spices. Our dips consistently outperform the competition, on purchase intent and liking, in double-blind sensory testing. Fresh Cravings is part of FoodStory Brands, a family-owned Arizona-based company, which searches the world to bring thoughtfully curated and affordably priced food and beverage products to your table.