Saputo Cheese USA Inc. announced the launch of several new products under the Montchevre brand, including a Hibiscus Berry Goat Cheese Log and line of Topped Goat Cheeses. These innovative items will cater to consumers sweet and savory cravings, providing unique serving options for snacking anytime, anywhere, for every occasion.

“Goat cheese sales continue to increase year over year and the variety of applications are on the rise,” said Jenny Englert, Saputo senior marketing manager. “Four or five years ago, we saw a lot of interest in goat’s milk products from new-to-category consumers, but unfamiliarity with the flavor profiles, pairings and usage applications of goat cheese. Today, there are more U.S. households than ever buying and consuming this soft, tangy cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This increased demand for variety has sparked our Montchevre brand team to accelerate our innovation pipeline, adding a variety of new trending flavors and formats we are excited to release into the marketplace.” 

The new Montchevre Hibiscus Berry log has a complex flavor depth that is bright, tart, and sweet, giving the consumer notes of sangria in cheese format. This cheese pairs well with a dry prosecco, champagne, or white wine to balance out the sweetness of the cheese and can be served with berries to compliment the sweet and tart notes, or an assortment of nuts to bring out more tangy flavors. Montchevre is the first brand to debut the trending Hibiscus flavor in the goat cheese category, solidifying the brand’s leadership in innovation.

Montchevre Hibiscus Berry Goat Cheese is available in 4-ounce consumer-friendly sizes, featuring easy-to-peel open packaging, and log shaped format for slicing or crumbling – a shape and size consumers have come to know and expect from the Montchevre brand.

The Montchevre Topped Line brings innovative goat cheese offerings to consumers who love easy, elevated snacking and entertaining solutions. In this new line, gourmet sweet and savory ingredients top the Montchevre brand’s original creamy cheese, making it easy for consumers to bring artisanal restaurant-quality compotes home to accompany their fan favorite goat cheese. The unique flavors of cranberry port, and roasted red pepper offer a satisfying solution for both sweet and savory palates, while the packaging allows for easy portability and serving anytime, anywhere – simply unwrap, flip, and serve. These versatile snacks and accompaniments, are ideal for dipping, spreading, and melting, and can served alongside vegetables, fruit, bread, crackers and more.

“In the restaurant space, the popularity of compotes is on the rise, but the replication of similar flavors and textures at home is something that can be daunting for consumers as the make process is tedious and time-consuming. We’re thrilled to alleviate the pressure on home chefs by doing the work for them – pairing restaurant-quality compote-like ingredients with tangy, spreadable goat cheese,” said Englert. “In the goat cheese category, we’ve seen consumers tend to purchase on impulse, usually triggered by a craving or recipe. When it comes to the Montchevre Topped Line, we hope to reach consumers in the early stages of their decisions making process and inspire them to get creative with their goat cheese pairings, even branching out and creating their own goat cheese ‘toppings’ for future snacks and gatherings.” 

The Montchevre Topped Cranberry Port features a cranberry-forward flavor profile, mimicking cheesecake. The sweet topping pairs beautifully with a dry glass of prosecco to counterbalance the sweet notes of the cranberry, while graham crackers, shortbread, or moderately sweet foods pair perfectly as dipping vessels. The Montchevre Topped Roasted Red Pepper flavor welcomes tastebuds with pepper forward, bright, acidic, and assertive flavor profiles, and pairs well with light and white wines like Sauvignon Blanc, and light red wines, such as Pinot Noir. The savory flavor profile welcomes food pairings like seasoned crackers and vegetables to balance the cheese and give it more herbal notes. 


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