Heading into spring, America’s #1 goat cheese brand, Montchevre, continues to innovate and gives consumers a reason to head to the specialty cheese case for a treat that will bring the heat, with a hint of sweetness! Capitalizing on the ‘sweet heat’ culinary food trend that continues to pique consumers, Montchevre is pleased to announce the launch of its newest flavor – Jalapeno Honey.

Montchevre Jalapeno Honey Goat Cheese has a hot and spicy kick with a balancing hint of sweetness! Sweet meets heat with the fresh and creamy tang of goat cheese, made from our fresh milk supply.

The Montchevre brand continues to encourage fans to think beyond traditional applications and explore the many possibilities of goat cheese. Whether it be our new Jalapeno Honey flavor crumbled on top of Roasted Veggies or blended into this Whipped Basil Dip, Montchevre Goat Cheese will make your dining occasions a little more interesting.