Air Coolers With EC Fan Motors Designed For CO2 Industrial Refrigeration

Colmac Coil’s A+Series Industrial evaporators, selection software and design tools offer the market customized evaporators needed for any type of CO2 Industrial refrigeration system being installed today. Energy efficient EC fan motors, standard on A+Series Evaporators, provide fan speed control without a VFD. High tube pressure designs up to 1740 psig, required for CO2 refrigeration systems, are guaranteed with safety certifications: UL 207, ASME U Stamp, or CRN. Different defrost options, stainless-steel materials of construction and electronic expansion valves are all available in A+Pro selection software from Colmac Coil.

Colmac Coil

HANTEMP Motor Controlled Ball Valves

HANTEMP Motor Controlled Ball Valves

HANTEMP Motor Controlled Ball Valves are engineered for industrial refrigeration and come standard with an electronic actuator for open/close operation. Options for 4-20mA control providing precise modulation of refrigerant flow and battery fail-safe backup are available. The patented design features stainless steel construction, low pressure drop, a standard F05 actuator mount and an extended valve neck for easy insulation. Four port profiles are offered: Open Port (OP), optional Characterized V-port (VP) for low-flow modulation, and Tear-Drop (TD) and Slotted (SL) ports for expansion. MCBVs are compatible with ammonia, CO2, and other refrigerants. Rated for 800 psig SWP and safe operating temperatures -70°F to +240°F.


Linde NITROBOOST ST supplemental liquid nitrogen refrigeration systems

Liquid Nitrogen System Is Compact, Powerful

The new Linde NITROBOOST ST and NITROBOOST BL supplemental liquid nitrogen refrigeration systems give manufacturers the ability to maintain temperatures in their existing mechanical tunnel, spiral or blast-style freezers, lessening production downtime and temperature issues that occur from high heat loads and exceeding the freezer’s capacity. Made up of heat exchanger coils, using liquid nitrogen, the NITROBOOST systems are compact in size yet deliver substantial additional refrigeration capacity. Systems fit within or are mounted on, existing mechanical freezers. The systems use liquid nitrogen in closed-loop coils to boost refrigeration safely, efficiently, and rapidly on an as-needed basis.


Thermo King’s ConnectedSuite

Tracking Tech For Improved Temp Management, Record Keeping

Thermo King’s ConnectedSuite is a complete technology bundle designed to deliver information in real-time via the TracKing platform. TracKing allows companies to track and trace all their equipment and individual deliveries across their entire fleet. ConnectedSuite collects and aggregates data for mobile assets to help ensure that valuable loads arrive on-time and in optimal condition. With ConnectedSuite fleets can improve temperature management, meet FSMA record keeping requirements, optimize asset utilization, increase uptime and minimize unscheduled breakdowns for improved maintenance.

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