Chinova Bioworks (Chinova), a Canadian-based natural ingredient company, hit a turning point by expanding its manufacturing space inside the Bioscience Manufacturing Incubator (BMI) on Prince Edward Island, Canada. This milestone was made possible through the company's partnership with PEI BioAlliance, the operator of the BMI.

Chinova chose to move its manufacturing to the BMI because its state-of-the-art building focuses on sustainability and energy efficiency, which makes them more environmentally and eco-friendly. The new space increases Chinova's production from pilot scale to 20 times their current capacity levels with plans to expand their operational team in PEI.
The BMI is a newly built 20,000-square-foot facility operated by PEI BioAlliance, a private sector-led not-for-profit organization dedicated to growing Prince Edward Island's bioscience industry. The BMI is designed for start-ups to transition from pilot-scale to full production levels while meeting the strict regulatory standards required for producing natural products.

"Chinova Bioworks is proud to be a part of Canada's food and biotech island on PEI. This new state-of-the-art space allows Chinova to expand our workforce and technology within the natural products industry as a sustainable, eco-friendly, and trustworthy preservation ingredient supplier,” said Natasha Dhayagude, CEO and co-founder, Chinova Bioworks.

Chinova Bioworks was founded in 2016 to find sustainable sourcing and innovative ways to reduce food waste through food preservation. Looking to nature, the company developed a natural and sustainable alternative to artificial preservatives with its white button mushroom extract called Chiber. Chinova has become a disruptor within the food preservation market with Chiber, its natural clean-label preservative, which improves food and beverage products' quality, freshness, and shelf-life resulting in increased consumer satisfaction while reducing food waste.


About Chinova Bioworks
Chinova Bioworks started in 2016 with the mission of using nature to protect and reduce food waste. The company developed a natural fiber extract from the stems of white button mushrooms to make stable, broad-spectrum preservation ingredients that protect products from spoilage caused by yeast, mold, and harmful bacteria. Their ingredients are natural, healthy, and integrate seamlessly into various foods and beverages during processing. This technology enables manufacturers and lab operators to improve their finished products' quality, freshness, and shelf-life, resulting in increased consumer satisfaction for using natural, clean label ingredients, all while reducing food waste. The company has raised $10M in investment with a team representing 90% of women in STEM. Through sustainable practices and upcycling, Chinova plays a crucial role in making the food and beverage industry happier, healthier, and better for the environment.