The focus on food safety has never been greater, spurring innovation to meet growing demands toward hygiene and sanitization. Seeing a gap in ease of use and best-in-class CIP (cleaning in place) for powder handling, Texas-based Tetra Pak is debuting a new bag tipping unit to increase plant efficiency and promote a safer working environment.

A common concern when working with bag tipping units often includes how to properly clean between batches to meet high hygienic food and beverage standards. Operators have typically cleaned units by hand, which is time-consuming and requires a high degree of effort on behalf of the operator. The Tetra Pak Bag Tipping unit CIP offers easy cleaning thanks to an ergonomic redesign, new configurable features, as well as added safety elements, all of which are not currently offered together in the U.S., the company says.

“A multitude of applications require the stringent cleaning of powder handling equipment such as formulations with allergens, nutritional supplements, infant formulas and any application using flavoring or colorants,” said Jean-Christophe Margotteau, processing solutions and equipment manager food solutions, Tetra Pak U.S. and Canada. “Switching between food and beverage batches with varied applications means there can be zero compromise toward a thoroughly clean unit.”

Suitable for use with a variety of mixing equipment, the bag-tipping standardized unit has an improved design to ensure powder flowability and complete powder discharge thanks to smooth-angled corners and no dead-ends, hence no powder retention. In the same way, water drains completely in the cleaning process to increase drying and reduce wet spots.

“This redesign was done with the operator in mind as several features are intended to provide a more comfortable working experience and safer process, resulting in less accidents and more time for the operator to take on other tasks,” Margotteau said. “From foldaway tables to safety locks and an option to connect a dust extractor, the new Tetra Pak Bag Tipping unit CIP will save time and costs while improving working conditions for your most valuable company asset, your employees.”

About Tetra Pak
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