International Delight Iced Coffee is launching new Cinnamon Churro Iced Coffee. On shelves now, the brand known for its flavor innovation is giving iced coffee lovers a new offering with the taste of sweet and spice, inspired by the fresh-made churros they know and love. One sip of International Delight Cinnamon Churro Iced Coffee delights taste buds with an unmistakable, indulgent creaminess perfectly blended with a burst of sweet cinnamon flavor. The new, modern offering taps into emerging trends of international and dessert-inspired products, bringing a new kind of party on ice to the brand’s lineup, unlike any other iced coffee on grocery shelves today.

“International Delight is known for transforming everyday coffee moments into celebrations of self-expression and joy,” said Kallie Goodwin, vice president of Marketing for International Delight. “Consumers are clearly excited about the iconic and nostalgic flavor of churros, and we wanted to create a unique beverage that not only delivered on the dessert’s rising popularity but was also truly different from other ready-to-drink iced coffees in stores right now. We are thrilled to give our fans the ability to indulge in the delectable treat any season for any reason, right from the comfort of their home with International Delight Cinnamon Churro Iced Coffee.”

International Delight Cinnamon Churro Iced Coffee is available now in 64-ounce cartons with an SRP of $4.59 at major retailers nationwide. Consumers can stock their fridges with International Delight Iced Coffee everyday flavors such as Mocha, Caramel Macchiato, Vanilla and Reese’s as well as select light varieties. All of the International Delight Iced Coffee offerings are made with real milk, cream and cane sugar. 

About International Delight
Since 1987, International Delight has been transforming cups of coffee into moments that foster joy, self-expression and togetherness through one-of-a-kind, bold creamer and iced coffee flavors. The brand, which introduced the first flavored, liquid, non-dairy creamer on the market, is on a mission to bring Flavor Nation unique offerings that deliver unparalleled delight in every drop and turn the room they leave for creamer into room to party. By uniting people with flavors that spark joy, International Delight brings people together over a cup of coffee, creating opportunities for connection, inclusion and celebration. International Delight coffee creamers and iced coffees are available at grocery, convenience stores, mass merchandisers and food service outlets across the country.