Fresh Cravings, the family-owned and operated, Arizona-based snacking brand, has expanded its collection of dips at Publix stores, chainwide in the produce section, with the addition of Jalapeño Popper and French Onion Plant Based Dips. These gluten-, dairy-, and preservative-free products join the Fresh Cravings family of refrigerated salsas, hummus, and Organic Kickin' Queso Plant Based Dip, offering yet another way for snack-seeking shoppers to “Crave Goodness.”
Jalapeño Popper is a brand-new flavor in the Fresh Cravings plant based dip lineup. Diced jalapeños and chives are added to a rich and creamy cashew base, giving it a unique, elevated flavor. Fresh Cravings French Onion Dip is made with the zesty flavors of diced and toasted onion, garlic, and black pepper, all folded into a richly smooth cashew base. Both dips are Keto friendly vegan alternatives to traditional dairy dips and are also gluten-free and preservative-free. They are perfect as standalone snacks, paired with a favorite dipper, or incorporated into recipes.
 "We are excited to participate and contribute to the explosive growth occurring in the refrigerated plant based dip category. As the fastest growing refrigerated salsa and hummus brand in America, and one that focuses on creating exceptional products, made with high quality ingredients, we are thrilled to expand our plant based dips at Publix. With these two new vegan dips, we are meeting shoppers where they are at with their dietary needs and preferences," said Jay Whitney, CMO of FoodStory Brands. "We love rethinking classic dips and making craveable, elevated fresh-snacking options accessible to all."
 Fresh Cravings' product line, which includes plant based dips, chilled salsas, creamy dips, and hummus, are available at more than 11,000 stores nationwide. 

About Fresh Cravings
Fresh Cravings is proudly family-owned and operated and is the fastest growing national brand across refrigerated salsa and hummus, now sold in more than 11,000 retail locations. We 'Crave Goodness' in all that we do, from creating elevated recipes to giving back to our communities. We believe that snacking should begin with high-quality ingredients and bold flavors worth celebrating. Fresh Cravings launched in 2015, with a line of refrigerated salsas, and as an answer to the dull, jarred salsa blends found in center store, we made ours with vine-ripened tomatoes and crisp vegetables that are never cooked or pasteurized. We are known for authentic-tasting chilled salsas and flavor-filled hummus, along with unique plant based vegan dips and veggie-packed creamy dips that are sure to satisfy any craving. Our dips consistently outperform the competition on purchase intent and preference in double-blind sensory testing. Fresh Cravings is part of FoodStory Brands, a family-owned and operated, Arizona-based company, which searches the world to bring thoughtfully curated and affordably priced food and beverage products to your table.