UNLIMEAT has announced that it will be launching its plant-based meat products at 1,500 Albertsons stores nationwide in January.

The company will be selling its most popular items: plant-based Korean BBQ and pulled pork.

UNLIMEAT Korean BBQ is a substitute meat targeting beef brisket. Most plant-based products sold in the United States are beef patties, chicken nuggets, or sausages. UNLIMEAT's products distinguish themselves from other plant-based brands through their versatility, as they can be stir-fried or grilled and can be used in both Eastern and Western cuisine. Their plant-based pulled pork is also a unique item, with little competition existing on the market. The products launching in Albertsons come in two flavors: original, which is a traditional barbecue flavor, and sweet & smoky, which is charcoal grilled rib flavor. Their pulled pork has been attracting attention in pre-launch events, particularly in tacos and pulled pork burgers, so the company is anticipating it will be popular with U.S. consumers.

"Partnering with Albertsons to offer our unique and delicious plant-based foods to a wider audience is a testament to the industry's evolution and increasing appetite for more diverse offerings,” said Ryan Chung, head of international business at UNLIMEAT. “We're incredibly excited to bring our signature products to Albertsons customers, who deserve tastier and healthier plant-based options."

UNLIMEAT differentiates itself from other brands by using upcycled materials, which are edible products that typically go to waste during food production, such as defatted soybean powder, a product from soybean oil extraction, and rice bran, the husk that's left when brown rice is milled. Defatted soybean powder is rich in protein, while rice bran is healthier than milled rice, as 90% of rice's nutrients are found in the bran.