On a mission to clean up the flour tortilla category and provide families with better food choices, Rise & Puff announces its launch after spending three years creating an authentic better-for-you tortilla. 

The newly released line features delicious tortillas that puff, thanks to the brand’s efforts to remove eight of the 12 ingredients found in processed supermarket tortillas. Industrial chemicals, bleaches to whiten, conditioners to soften, and preservatives to maintain shelf life make it more difficult for dough to rise and do not improve taste. Tortillas without all of those industrial ingredients puff and create a textured flakiness in each bite. 

Rise & Puff’s debut includes a trio of thin and fresh varieties: Original, Certified Organic and Gluten-Free, with the Original Variety using only four premium ingredients—non-GMO wheat flour, pure avocado oil, sea salt, and filtered pure water. The tortillas only take 60 seconds to cook, with the finished result presenting a steamy, fluffy cloud of tender deliciousness. The product is stored in an airtight resealable package, and lasts 40 days in the refrigerator.

Rise & Puff Tortillas are the first of several culinary innovations being created by Rise & Puff, as it looks to disrupt the tortilla category with a pipeline of exciting new products. 

“We believe great taste and better-for-you should go hand in hand and it drives everything we do as a company,” said co-founder, Mark Shaw. “Once you try a Rise & Puff Tortilla, you begin to understand why a tortilla is only as good as its ingredients. From Mono-unsaturated avocado oil to unbleached wheat flour, and the elimination of sugar, we view our tortilla as a canvas for better-for-you eating. Families deserve better, and this is only the beginning.” 

Rise & Puff Tortillas are available in 8-count, 3-pack multi-packs starting at $28.99 online and sold in specialty grocers at an SRP of $5.99-$8.99 per pack in the San Francisco Bay area including, Draeger’s, Sigona’s Farmers Market, Gus’s, Bi-Rite, Mollie Stones, and Woodlands Market. The better-for-you tortillas line will also be launching in Los Angeles and Texas in the coming weeks.


About Rise & Puff
Rise & Puff is a mission driven company that creates outrageously good foods made from only premium clean ingredients. The Menlo Park, California-based company is founded by Mark Shaw and Philip Summe. Both of their fathers died too early from heart disease. Their lives were cut short because of the limited healthier food options available to them. Mark & Philip are on a mission to make everyday, healthier eating more enjoyable and accessible. The first culinary innovation, Rise & Puff Tortillas, launched in February 2023 (American Heart Month) with award-winning taste, earning the Great Taste stamp of approval for several of their varieties by the Guild of Fine Food. Disrupting an antiquated tortilla market, Rise & Puff Tortillas are crafted with only four clean ingredients, offering consumers a better tasting, better-for-you version of the beloved kitchen staple.