Real Good Foods has launched a line of super-premium ice cream in seven flavors, the first dessert items for the company. Real Good Foods ice cream is the first-ever super-premium, better-for-you, ice cream made from real, simple ingredients, offering a fraction of the carbs compared to traditional ice cream. Sweetened with allulose, this ice cream offers a real ice cream experience without spiking glucose levels. Allulose is a naturally occurring sugar, free of chemical processing, which allows the body to metabolize allulose as natural sugar and not an added sugar.

Other healthier ice creams are classified as “light” ice cream while Real Good Foods ice cream is classified as “super-premium”. Unlike many other light ice creams that fluff their pints with air or water to hit a low-calorie claim, our ice cream is real. Made with 16% butterfat, Real Good Food’s ice cream fits the standard identity of real, super-premium ice cream without the calories and carbs, and comes in seven flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chip, Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Mocha Java Chip, and Cake Batter. Customers can depend on a 4g of sugar and 180 calories per serving in each container, varying slightly by flavor. 

Focused on its brand mission to make healthy food more accessible, Real Good Foods has built its company in large part to serve those living with type 1 diabetes. The decision to create this product around allulose best supported their mission to offer delicious options to the community, reintroducing the foods they love, with the quality they would expect. Even more, Real Good Foods includes inulin in their ice cream; a prebiotic fiber found in many plants, offering many health benefits such as improving digestive health and helping control blood sugar. However, no matter what someone's diet restrictions are, Real Good Foods ice cream is for everyone to enjoy. 

Real Good Foods Ice Cream is available at Vitamin Shoppe or direct-to-consumer online at the company's website. 

About RealGoodFoods Co.: RealGoodFoods is a frozen food company focused on low carb, high protein options that help communities eat and live well. Their large selection of gluten-free options services the ketogenic, celiac, diabetic, and health-conscious, consumer. RealGoodFoods was recognized as one of Forbes Best Startup Employers in 2020.