With more and more consumers transitioning to plant-based products and plant-based lifestyles, Kagome USA’s innovative line of plant-based butter alternatives offers restaurant owners and chefs the ability to drive consumer interest and bring in new customers. Made with a blend of sunflower oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter, Kagome’s Plant-Based Butter Alternatives feature both sweet blends—such as Cinnamon & Brown Sugar and Hot Honey—and savory blends—such as Chipotle & Sun-Dried Tomato and Miso Ginger—to diversify and enhance both spectrums of the menu.

Providing vegetarian options and utilizing locally sourced ingredients are not new trends in the food industry. It is consumers—particularly younger consumers—who are committing to plant-based foods that is propelling restaurant owners to adapt. Patrons are not considering just their own health benefits with their eating habits. Growing awareness about the environmental impact of meat and dairy is strongly impacting their desire to make more sustainable choices at eateries and fast-food chains.

“People want to see plant-based options on the menu,” says Chef Natalie Cervantes, corporate chef at Kagome USA. “Our plant-based butter alternatives empower the back of house to create unique, sweet and savory menu items without compromising flavor or application.”

While chefs may find other dairy alternatives taste or behave differently, Kagome’s Plant-Based Butter Alternatives can be used as a 1:1 replacement for culinary applications. They also have a lower melt-point and a higher smoke-point than dairy butters. Additionally, they are lower in saturated fat, richer in healthy fats, and free of cholesterol, providing food service operations a healthy, sustainable substitute when sautéing, baking, basting, and more.

“We are deeply passionate about creating foods that not only taste good but are better for the environment,” says Daryan Johnson, R&D manager at Kagome USA. “Our full line of plant-based butter alternatives brings a new depth of flavor to the kitchen while answering the desires of today’s consumers.

About Kagome USA
Kagome USA aims to use nature’s gifts to make the world a more delicious place. As one of the largest exporters of tomato-based sauces and concentrates, Kagome enables their customer partners to adapt to culinary trends, to serve with quality ingredients, and to promote a more sustainable food industry where every bite is savored, every drip celebrated, and where even the smallest plant can make the largest impact.