FreezPak Logistics, a top provider of frozen, cooler and dry storage combined with industry-leading third-party logistics services, announced the opening of a new location in Bedford Park, Illinois. 

The fourth site to open in 2023, the facility expands Freezpak’s footprint into the Midwest, providing a critical access point for transcontinental operations.

The Chicago facility encompasses 212,807 square feet of temperature-controlled warehouse and will house 30 loading docks, 30,000 pallet positions, 51 container plug-ins and 131 additional car parking. Strategically located near Interstate 55 and the CSX rail yard, this site will further increase the efficiency and precision with which the company moves the nation’s food supply. Semi-automated turret trucks will rely on auto positioning to pinpoint inventory accuracy. 

“By incorporating solar and hydrogen power, we continue to honor our commitment to responsible energy consumption and sustainability,” said Freezpak CEO Mike Saoud. “FreezPak remains committed to providing unmatched design in cold chain buildings while keeping the needs of the customer at the forefront of all we do.”

The site contributes to the rapid growth that Freezpak intends to undertake this year.  By the first quarter 2024, FreezPak intends to offer 315,000 frozen pallet positions across its national network.  


About FreezPak Logistics
Established in 2001 as a family business by two young brothers first inspired by their father, Freezpak Logistics offers frozen, cooler, and dry storage combined with industry-leading third-party logistics services to ensure the availability of the nation’s food supply. Their highly personal and professional approach is dedicated to offering their customers an end-to-end solution spanning every major port-centric market in the country.