Spring is in the air, but summer vibes are what's headed to the dairy section. Icelandic Provisions Skyr is releasing four new flavors that will transport you to the Nordic island - with a twist! 

Extra Creamy Skyr will be available in two new flavors:

  • Honey & Apricot: The delicate balance of rich whole milk skyr, sweet honey, and a touch of apricot will leave you dreaming of long summer days in Iceland’s countryside. Like savoring the nectar of the Norse gods in a cup while basking in the sun.
  • Passion Fruit & Mango: Experience the vibrant flavors of the tropics with a rich and creamy Icelandic twist. The combo of tangy passion fruit and ripe mango with whole milk skyr will make you want to shout "Skál!"

 Traditional Skyr is also debuting in two new flavors: 

  • Berry Medley: A red fruit forward blend bursting with raspberries, strawberries, and cranberries with a hint of blueberry – it’s as delightful as a day spent foraging in Iceland’s berry-filled countryside. It’s the perfect medley to start your day.  
  • Pineapple: Like a vacation in a cup, this will make you feel like a Viking sailing to a tropical island – it’s packed with juicy pieces of pineapple swimming in thick and creamy skyr.  

Icelandic skyr has been an important part of Icelandic food culture for over 1,000 years and is a key ingredient within the Nordic Food Movement. In fact, Icelandic Provisions offers the only skyr available in the U.S. that is made using thousand years old Icelandic cultures passed along for generations and dating back to the Viking Era. The unique process results in a noticeably thick, creamy, and delicious skyr that strengthens bodies and minds, packed with protein, low in sugar, and is free from artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives.

Icelandic Provisions Skyr is available at retailers nationwide.