Columbus Manufacturing, maker of premium, award-winning Italian deli meats and charcuterie for more than 100 years, announced the introduction of the Handcrafted Charcuterie Board available exclusively at Walmart. The new Handcrafted Charcuterie Board features a carefully curated and generous selection of meats, cheese, crackers, dried fruit, chocolate, and other delicious accompaniments along with instructions and tips that customers can use to put together an impressive charcuterie board for their guests.

In addition to featuring premium Columbus Italian Dry Salami, Columbus Calabrese Salami and Columbus Prosciutto, the board includes white cheddar cheese, a merlot cheese wedge, dried apricots, dried mangos, olives, five seed and sea salt flatbread crackers, sea salt & olive oil sourdough flatbread bites, cracker rounds, Corn Nuts Original, fig spread and Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

The kit has everything needed to build an impressive charcuterie board, including expert advice from Evan Inada, Columbus Craft Meats charcuterie director. Purchasers can scan a QR code on the product to receive instructional videos, serving tips and beverage pairing recommendations.

The board also includes ingredients to create several "Perfect Charcuterie Bites," irresistible, perfectly balanced combinations of meat, cheese, acid and crunch, which awaken and engage all the taste buds in a single bite.

Customers have the choice of a grab-and-go option, where they can assemble the ingredients themselves, or they can order a pre-assembled board through the Walmart app or at the deli counter of their local Walmart store. Both versions of the kit retail for $50 and are available for pick up. 


About Columbus Craft Meats
Founded in 1917, Columbus Manufacturing is the number one Italian deli meats brand in the United States. Its award-winning Italian salami and deli meats are available at food retailers nationwide. Columbus Manufacturing is a subsidiary of Hormel Foods.