Lifeway Foods, Inc., a leading supplier of kefir and fermented probiotic products to support the microbiome, announced plans to increase cheese production, along with investments in technology that will cut production time by more than half. 

The company will be implementing new automation and efficiency plans to ensure the brand is equipped for future demand and potential distribution opportunities as the brand embarks upon a series of marketing and advertising initiatives to introduce Lifeway Farmer Cheese to new audiences.

Lifeway Farmer Cheese has a flavor similar to cottage cheese, spreads like cream cheese, and has the added benefits of protein and probiotics. The ultra-creamy texture makes it the perfect addition to all your recipes. Plus, it's up to 99% lactose-free, gluten-free and contains no added salt, making it lower in sodium than many cottage cheese varieties. With its mild, smooth flavor, Lifeway Farmer Cheese adds richness to all of your favorite dishes.

One of the season's biggest surprise trends has been the emergence of cottage cheese recipes on social media. Videos matching the term "blended cottage cheese" now have over 320 million views on TikTok. Lifeway Farmer cheese is an alternative to this time-consuming kitchen hack. Lifeway Farmer Cheese is a strained, dry curd soft cheese that requires no blending to achieve that creamy texture, thus eliminating the extra step in the kitchen so you can enjoy it as-is. 

Aficionados of Eastern European style cheeses may be familiar with farmer cheese, also known as Twaróg, a variety of quark. Lifeway Farmer Cheese is a premium, reduced fat, low-calorie cultured soft cheese made with Lifeway Foods' small batch, artisanal recipe. A highly sought-after favorite in many specialty stores, Lifeway Farmer Cheese has been a staple since its introduction almost 37 years ago. Like the brand's well-known kefir, Lifeway Farmer Cheese has seen increased interest from consumers and major retailers in recent years.

Lifeway Foods Farmer Cheese is now available nationwide. 

About Lifeway Foods, Inc.
Lifeway Foods, Inc., which has been recognized as one of Forbes' Best Small Companies, is America's leading supplier of the probiotic, fermented beverage known as kefir. In addition to its line of drinkable kefir, the company also produces cheese, probiotic oat milk, and a ProBugs line for kids. Lifeway's tart and tangy fermented dairy products are now sold across the United States, Mexico, Ireland and France.