The Irish dairy brand enters the on-the-go snacking category with new Cheese Snacks, available in the same great Dubliner and Aged Cheddar flavors you know and love.

Kerrygold, an international brand of Ornua, introduces new Kerrygold Cheese Snacks, ready-to-eat cheese sticks in a convenient and snackable format. Rolling onto store shelves across the U.S. now with eight sticks per pack, Kerrygold Cheese Snacks are gluten-free and a good source of protein, perfect for an instant snack, packed in a lunchbox for the kids, or arranged on a cheese board.

"The Cheese Snacks range is an exciting addition to Kerrygold's cheese portfolio, as well as an entry into the ready-to-eat snack category," said Alexandra Vinci, brand manager at Kerrygold. "We're thrilled to now have a Kerrygold option for busy parents and kids, as well as all of the on-the-go snackers and brand fans alike."

The range contains two flavors:

  • Aged Cheddar: A connoisseur's Cheddar, expertly graded and notable for its rich, rounded flavor, creamy taste and firm body.
  • Dubliner: Distinctive, rounded flavor of a mature Cheddar, with sweet nutty tones of a Swiss and a piquant bite of aged Parmesan.

The Cheese Snacks varieties stay true to the Kerrygold tradition of producing flavorful, creamy, and all-natural dairy products, hailing straight from 14,000 small Irish family farms that provide premium-quality milk for Kerrygold products. Kerrygold farmers are members of local milk cooperatives, owned by the farmers themselves, and these co-ops help preserve family farming traditions that have been passed on for generations. The milk from Kerrygold Irish grass-fed cows is rich in beta-carotene which gives Kerrygold Cheese Snacks their rich, natural, golden color.

Kerrygold Cheese Snacks are available at Wegman's, Whole Foods, Giant Foods, and more. 

About Kerrygold USA
Kerrygold was established in 1962 as a premium brand, befitting the rich quality of grass-fed Irish milk. Kerrygold initially launched as a single product brand and is now regarded as Ireland's most successful food brand, reaching 1 billion in annual sales in 2019. Since its creation, Kerrygold has been synonymous with quality, and today, Kerrygold has a special place in the hearts of consumers all over the world. Kerrygold dairy farmers are committed to the co-operative ideal; working together to produce only the very best grass-fed dairy products. Kerrygold cows graze freely on the fields of 14,000 small family farms; each one using unique dairy farming traditions passed down through generations of family. It is this grass-fed milk that delivers the rich tasting, higher quality dairy products that Kerrygold is famous for. Today, consumers all over the world enjoy the unique taste of Irish grass-fed dairy. Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter is the number two butter brand in the USA and Kerrygold Dubliner Irish Cheese is the number one specialty cheese.