Reyco Systems, a global leader in innovative food processing technology, proudly announces the opening of its new manufacturing and repair facility in Eltopia, Washington. This strategic initiative is designed to strengthen Reyco's connection with customers, facilitating greater in-person interaction and reducing repair turnaround times.

"Our Reyco workforce, boasting exceptional talent with decades of industry experience and deep product knowledge, is a testament to the expertise found in the Tri-Cities/Columbia Basin region,” said Clay Cooper, president of Reyco Systems. “Our goal with this expansion is to strategically position this Reyco talent closer to our customers in Eltopia, leveraging the great experience and skills inherent in the Columbia Basin. This move enables us to offer not only additional face-to-face engagement but also significantly shorter repair times, enhancing the overall service experience for our valued customers."

The newly inaugurated Reyco facility in Eltopia spans over 15,000 square feet and is equipped for fabrication, general shop tooling, welding, parts inventory, pump repairs, and office meeting space. Situated on six acres, the facility offers ample space for planned future expansion, showcasing Reyco Systems' commitment to long-term growth and excellence.

Reyco Systems, with nearly 50 years of experience, is renowned for its innovative solutions in oil and moisture removal, food and waste conveying, and UVC decontamination systems. Specializing in fresh-cut fruit and vegetable processing, Reyco Systems sets and continually raises the bar for industry solution development, equipment support, and technical services.

This new location in Eltopia was strategically chosen to provide enhanced customer engagement and unparalleled service and support to the numerous food processing plants in the Columbia Basin. With this expansion, Reyco Systems reiterates its commitment to hiring local talent; advancing industry solutions and delivering exceptional service to its valued customers.

 Founded 1975 in Caldwell, Idaho, Reyco Systems quickly grew to be the premiere supplier of selected equipment to the growing processed potato industry. Superior products including Air Make-up Units, Fryer Air Washers, and the patented Oil Miser oil recovery system quickly became required machinery for every potato plant in North America, and this technology soon spread to all parts of the world. Strategic partners, Kiremko and Idaho Steel Products who combined, work together by providing more efficiencies, the latest technology, and a hands-on approach to the creation, installation, and maintenance of processing equipment.