Yaza, a new brand of authentic Mediterranean labneh, will launch two flavors – Za'atar & Olive Oil and Plain – in select Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. The dips will be available in the refrigerated dip or deli departments.

"I'm incredibly proud that our national launch in Whole Foods Market stores will introduce Yaza's authentic Mediterranean labneh to American kitchens," said Karim Khalil, founder of Yaza.

Yaza Labneh is made according to a traditional recipe, using only whole milk and salt from a creamery nestled in the Catskill Mountains. Traditionally, labneh is made by straining pasteurized cultured milk and salt through a cheesecloth overnight to remove the liquids and create a thick, delicious dip. Yaza recreates this exact recipe at scale.

"You'll never find thickeners or additives in our labneh. We make it the way people in the Mediterranean have been making it for centuries, and that will never change," Khalil said. 

Labneh contains probiotics that promote gut health. Whether spreading it on warm pita bread, dipping crunchy veggies, layering it in your favorite wraps, or whisking it into a salad dressing, Yaza Labneh brings the Mediterranean into your kitchen.

About Yaza
Yaza is on a mission to bring authentic labneh to American families. It's made with the fewest ingredients possible to provide an unparalleled purity. Using only milk and salt and the traditional straining method to remove whey, Yaza labneh is made fresh in Upstate New York. Since launching Plain labneh in 2022, Yaza has expanded the product range to include unique flavors such as Za'atar & Olive Oil, Spicy Chili, and Roasted Garlic & Mint.