With the trend for more flavorful options continuing to make noise over the past couple years, the makers of Freschetta pizza introduced sea salt and olive oil to its sauce used on the Brick Oven brand pizza varieties.

"Through the Freschetta brand, we continue to make ongoing strides to improve upon our pizzas by offering the most flavorful, highest-quality ingredients in the frozen pizza category," says Stacy Bergmann, senior brand manager for Freschetta, which is part of Schwan's Consumer Brands, Inc., Marshall, Minn. "We have taken note of how consumers are continuing to seek out better, more flavorful ingredients like sea salt and olive oil, and are excited to have added these fresh-tasting ingredients into our pizza sauce."

Sea salt is produced through the evaporation of sea water, typically with little processing, leaving trace minerals behind, offering a more flavorful alternative to table salt, which is processed to remove these trace minerals. Olive oil also offers a flavorful solution as a fresh ingredient that is said to offer an abundance of heart health benefits.

In addition, Freschetta pizzas offer flash-frozen vegetables picked at the peak of freshness and unique blends of real cheeses and premium meats.