Linde challenges poultry processors to “shake up” production with a high-efficiency freezer.


Sometimes the food industry needs a bit of a wakeup call. Not the kind that gets operators running for the hills; the wakeup call that “shakes up” production.

That’s why companies like Tip Top Poultry of Marietta, Ga., selected Linde’s new Cryoline CW freezer, said to be the world’s first hygienic individually-quick frozen (IQF) freezer with proprietary rolling-wave action, according to Linde North America.

“Poultry processors are under extreme pressure to improve yield and productivity while holding the line on costs, but are often limited by existing equipment,” says Mark DiMaggio, head of food and beverage for Linde North America, Murray Hill, N.J. “With the right know-how and low capital outlays, new hygienically-designed cryogenic freezing technology using either liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide can offer many economic benefits immediately.”

Tip Top Poultry, a baking and stewing hen marketer that supplies cooked, pulled and diced IQF chicken meat, shook things up when it selected the Cryoline CW. Ideal for diced poultry, pizza toppings and other high-value IQF products, the Cryoline CW provides significant cost savings vs. flighted freezers, thus eliminating CO² snow carry-over and improving cleanability.

“With CO², we had to use extra labor and equipment to remove the snow from the fines to pack them off,” says Curt McNiff, plant manager for Tip Top Poultry’s Rockmart, Ga., facility. “If you boxed them with the snow, you’d be looking at a (weight) shortage.”

The combination of vibration and simultaneous injection of cryogen ensures rapid cooling of the product, forming an outer crust that locks in moisture. Diced products and other small items that tend to clump or stick to belts can be chilled or frozen at high temperatures because the proprietary rolling-wave action gently tumbles layered products and keeps them separate as they rapidly freeze and seal in moisture. And, the rolling-wave action can be switched off for traditional products such as patties and pizzas. In addition, operators can download recipes into the freezer control panel, allowing the storage and recall of all operational parameters.

“Tip Top is logging major operational savings with the CRYOWAVE IQF freezer on their diced poultry line,” DiMaggio says. “It consolidates three freezing lines into one, saves valuable floor space, reduces cryogen consumption, simplifies maintenance and improves yields.”

Hygienically designed

The Cryoline CW maintains a hygienic design that maximizes productivity by reducing cleaning and maintenance downtime. The freezer top lifts vertically, providing full access to all food contact and internal areas, while sloped surfaces above and below the belt direct unwanted moisture and cleaning solution directly to the floor drains.

In other developments, Linde’s latest cross-flow spiral freezer leverages a proprietary, patent-pending air design, doubling the heat transfer rate compared to standard spirals and providing significantly lower costs to operate.

“Beyond technology and operating efficiencies, hygienic design is critical,” DiMaggio adds. “Eliminating internal areas that can harbor bacteria, sloped surfaces and complete access for cleaning all contribute to improved sanitation.”

The Linde food team performs in-plant assessments to identify current cost-to-freeze, and works with processors to develop optimal process solutions.

“It takes years to develop new cryogenic technology like the CRYOWAVE, the Cryoline XF cross-flow spiral and our new liquid nitrogen bottom-injection systems for meat mixing and blending,” says DiMaggio. “We are offering patented, step-change technology in 2012, not available anywhere else. But it’s not just the development; it’s expertise in successfully integrating this new generation of technology into food plants. The Linde food team averages 15 years of experience. No two processing plants are identical, so in many cases we are integrating this technology with custom-engineered solutions to maximize value for our customers.”

Now that’s shaking things up a bit.

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