Advanced Food Systems' MicroSeal Ingredient Systems

Stick together. This is a great encouragement for teamwork but not a desirable quality in food products. Most prepared entrée processors use oil to prevent product from sticking during processing or consumer preparation. Oils typically do not coat products evenly consumers are wary of the additional fat.

Advanced Food Systems Inc. (AFS), Somerset, N.J., says it developed a solution: MicroSeal Ingredient Systems.

Chris Kelly is AFS’ director of technical services.

“Our proven system is a unique product that, when hydrated in cold water and combined with far less oil than traditionally used to prevent sticking, creates a special emulsion that can be used to coat frozen or refrigerated pre-cooked pasta, noodles, rice or vegetables,” he says.

The system coats pieces evenly and helps keep them from sticking together in the package, he adds. It also helps to prevent freezer burn and dehydration.

Kelly says that MicroSeal Systems are provided as dry powders that give customers flexibility to create new products by incorporating a variety of oils - such as olive, sesame, peanut or butter flavored - into a formula to meet individual product requirements. Moreover, MicroSeal systems also can be blended with seasonings to create specific flavor profiles and allow components of those seasoning blends to adhere firmly to the product during cooking.

The systems also come in several different types: AFS’ 999-A system, plain with no added flavors; 999-8 system provides a buttery taste and aroma; and a 1000-N system, a natural version with no added flavor. Kelly notes that - because of their low application rates - MicroSeal systems contribute fewer calories and less fat to a final product’s nutritional label.