Lineage Logistics, Richmond, Va., and Groom Energy Solutions, Salem, Mass., completed their initial LED lighting upgrade project at the Lineage cold storage facility in Richmond, Va. As a part of Lineage’s overall sustainability efforts, the project reduces the energy consumed by the facility’s lighting systems by 85% and eliminates more than 100 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. The system also reduces heat-load, providing the added benefit of lower energy consumption for refrigeration.

The new system replaces the previous HID-based lighting fixtures with the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System, which integrates smart, high-bay LED fixtures and the LightRules lighting management software. It produces illumination levels that are 25% brighter than the previous system and provides better visibility for Lineage personnel while limiting glare. Integrated controls turn lights on only when there is occupancy and track energy consumption on a real-time basis.   

In the building assessment, Groom Energy performed energy and photometric modeling, test demonstrations and ultimately designed a new site-specific system. The Groom Energy project team installed the system over a three-week period with minimal disruption to Lineage’s operations.

“We are very excited to apply the newest, energy-efficient technology, which reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. While the emission reductions are significant, our employees and customers also benefit from a more clearly illuminated work environment. We plan to continue this rollout to our other locations and continue to partner with Groom to further minimize our carbon footprint,” says Mike McClendon, president, East Coast, Lineage Logistics.