Food processors need real-time information, communication and support solutions. Not surprisingly, these issues are driving some of the latest news at Dorner Manufacturing Corp., a conveyor equipment supplier based in Hartland, Wis.

Dorner says it recently joined the YouTube community to connect with processors "in a new and dynamic way." Processors may visit and subscribe to DornerConveyors, to stay in touch and view conveyor videos -- from anywhere, at their convenience. Already loaded on the site are videos that highlight the capabilities and applications for Dorner's iDrive, AquaGard™, AquaPruf® and QWIK conveyors.
Need to talk to someone? Dorner says it also launched a hotline (800 351-8712) with engineers ready and available to offer free technical assistance on conveyors, and both product and material handling applications.

Officials say technicians already are fielding such inquiries as:

-- “I want to cure a part on the belt and need a very slow belt speed of two inches a minute."

-- " I need to move soup bags on a conveyor to a packaging station. How can a flexible soup bag stay on a conveyor?"

-- "I need to flip a 40-pound block of cheese over, how can this be accomplished efficiently?”

“We’re proud of our ability to provide this valuable, complimentary service to the industry,” said Gary Wemmert, Dorner’s director of parts and service. “The hotline is part of the Dorner Advantage, a program of action, support and service that shows our commitment to going the extra mile to solve conveyor and product flow challenges.” -- Dorner Manufacturing Corp.

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