Nanotec, Medford, Mass., launched AS5918 series IP65 stepper motors with a magnetic 24V encoder and an optional brake, ideal for precise positioning via an external control system in dirty, dusty or wet conditions.

The AS5918-EMN24 and AS5918-EMN24B models generate 1024 increments per revolution and come with an optional safety brake for emergency stops or for when vertical loads have to be kept in place during a power failure.

Featuring a holding torque of 1.98 Nm, the AS5918-EMN24 and AS5918-EMN24B stepper motors are viable alternatives to servomotors with gearboxes in torque mode and closed loop at low speeds.

Plus, the motors have a high degree of electromagnetic compatibility and feature M12 and M8 connections.

Nanotec Electronic US, Inc.