Applied Motion Products, Watsonville, Calif., developed StepSERVO Closed Loop Integrated Motors for closed loop servo control of position, velocity and torque for food and beverage applications. 

Combining a high-torque step motor with an onboard drive, encoder, controller and closed-loop servo software into a single package, the integrated motors save on space and wiring.  

Using encoder feedback, closed loop step motor systems automatically reduce current to the motor when torque is no longer demanded by the load to consume less power than a traditional step motor system. StepSERVO Integrated Motors also operate cooler and more quietly than open loop step motors by drawing just enough current to control the load. 

Applied Motion’s Q Programming language enables users to apply complicated logic and motion sequences to solve their motion control challenges. For example, a product labeling application in a food and beverage plant, a product sensor can be tied to one of the motor’s digital inputs, triggering a WI (wait input) command when the product nears the labeling position. To prevent wrinkling or tearing, the label must be applied at the same speed the product is traveling on the conveyor. To accomplish this, the motor measures the conveyor speed from a master encoder whose A/B quadrature signals feed into the motor’s X1 and X2 digital inputs. The FE (follow encoder) command automatically ratios the label speed to the master encoder frequency while monitoring the label sensor to position the label at exactly the right location on the product.

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