Steel King Industries, Inc., Stevens Point, Wis., announced the SK2000 closed-tube roll form rack systems, which features a fully welded tubular upright, giving the racks superior impact resistance over open-back style uprights.

Ideal for a wide range of warehouse applications and markets, including food and beverage, retail and agriculture, the SK2000 is roll-form steel, making it strong and durable enough to provide the framework for a multi-level pick module/distribution center.

The strength of the SK2000’s closed tube beams and upright rack frames make each rack system safer and more functional. In fact, independent engineering tests confirmed that, when compared to open back column, SK2000 pallet racking has 250% greater frontal impact strength, 68% greater side impact resistance and 44 times greater torsional strength (resistance to twisting).

SK2000 columns have a unique 90-degree bend and no corner holes. The SK2000 is a boltless rack system with teardrop connections and auto-engaging safety locks, meaning it can be assembled without tools.

Columns are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses according to application needs.

Steel King Industries, Inc.