Avery Weigh-Tronix, Fairmont, Minn., introduces the Quick Check ZQ375, a checkweigher designed with food-grade, stainless-steel construction to satisfy stringent sanitary regulations found in the food processing industry. With a robust, hygienic housing, highly visible, color-coded display and multi-connectivity operation, the ZQ375 offers an accurate, easy-to-use checkweighing solution.

Featuring NSF 3-A certification, the ZQ375 features a smooth, polished surface finish, curved corners and easy-to-remove cover to allow for faster and more effective cleaning. Plus, it employs a durable IP69K-rated enclosure with Gore-Tex Vent technology to allow moisture buildup to escape and not be trapped inside the enclosure.

The ZQ375 checkweigher is available in a range of sizes with two base types-low-capacity torsion base and high-capacity diamond base. The torsion base automatically transfers shock loads and overloads-up to 500%-away from the load cell back to the base frame to ensure accurate scale performance. Alternatively, the IP69K-rated diamond base delivers 150% overload protection and offers a reliable, single load cell design with no moving parts.

Offering increased flexibility and simple operation, the ZQ375 provides versatile connectivity options, including Ethernet, USB and wireless. The low-power draw, highly-visible IBN display offers ease of viewing in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight and low-lit areas. With colored, multi-segmented, under/overweight graphs, the seven-segment display provides fast visual notification of weight data while an audible alarm reinforces the visual display.

Avery Weigh-Tronix