School foods processor and marketerEast Side Entrees of New York, Woodbury, N.Y., said it changed its name toE S Foods.

"The word 'entrees' connotes to many people the idea of a main course item," notes CEO Gary Davis. "We are the leaders in 'grab-n-go' breakfast, in addition to offering entrees, and we also offer snacks, complete lunch packs, and shelf-stable milk – all with the idea of portability in mind for today's fast-paced lifestyles. We know that in today's environment, we need to help bring the food to the children, not expect them to come to the food."

Davis says E S Foods offers a full complement of frozen foods, after-school and summer meals, shelf-stable milk and its fastest growing brand, Breakfast BREAKS. Officials says E S Foods packages convenient breakfast meals with "whole grain cereals, 100-percent fruit servings, and nutritious snacks."

The company's frozen food line includes Macaroni and Cheese, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, bakery foods and individually wrapped breakfasts.