Unilever United States Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J., said it plans in late 2011 to close its Hagerstown, Md., frozen novelty plant. The operation producesKlondike,PopsicleandGood Humornovelties as well asBen & Jerry'scone products andBreyersfruit bars. Production will be transferred to other Unilever plants in several stages.

"Continually achieving greater efficiencies across our supply chain network is essential to our business," said Steve Rosemary, Unilever Ice Cream director of manufacturing. "An extensive and careful analysis has shown that greater efficiencies can be achieved by shifting production to other company plants in the U.S. This decision was not easily made and in no way reflects the dedication or performance of our colleagues at the Hagerstown facility."

The operation employs 460 salaried and hourly workers.