A well-known fresh bread brand, Roman Meal, may be coming to a freezercase near you.IMC Licensing, Louisville, Ky., said it representRoman Meal Company, Tacoma, Wash., in efforts to extend that popular brand's use in other licensed products.

Roman Meal whole grain bread and bun products are baked locally and distributed by partner bakeries nationwide.

“We are delighted to represent Roman Meal, an iconic brand known from its outstanding quality and nutritional value as the leader in whole grain goodness," said Cara Bernosky, IMC Licensing president and co-founder. "We plan to leverage Roman Meal’s high consumer awareness and heritage to reach consumers and to reinforce the brand’s long-standing message of health and wellness.”

IMC Licensing said it will extend the Roman Meal brand across a range of new categories relevant to the brand. Initial categories may include whole grain products that "enhance the brand’s connection to healthy eating and good nutrition," officials said.

These new areas may include bagels, muffins, pizza crusts; baking mixes; whole grain salty snacks and crackers; breakfast cereals, pastas and frozen breakfast foods.