Consumers like the idea of biodegradable packaging. 

According to new research by the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), 88 percent of those consumers surveyed think it's important for packaging to be biodegradable, and nearly half would prefer biodegradable packaging over recyclable packaging.  Some companies are already poised to capitalize on this trend, such as Sun Chips which will have fully compostable bags by 2010.

Does this spell trouble for the recycling industry?  NMI doesn't think so. Only 27% of consumers compost regularly, and few communities currently offer compost pickup.  Nevertheless, packaging waste is one of consumers' top sustainability concerns, and utilizing alternate environmentally-friendly materials grabs consumers' attention and provides new ways to make them feel like they are making a tangible reduction in their environmental impact.

Visit for additional study details. NMI is based in Harleysville, Pa.