Plastic Technologies, Inc., Holland, Ohio, developed a new free iPhone and Android app that helps users calculate the recyclability of their polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, containers and/or packages. The objective is to determine how compatible a specific package is with today’s recycling systems and its impact on recycled PET (rPET) production. Plastic Technologies

The PET Packaging Recycling Calculator app enables users to see how decisions on the material, barrier, additive, closure, labels, etc. they make can potentially impact the next generation of PET (rPET) that is produced from these recycled containers. The calculator acts as a screening tool that can help users determine whether or not they should consider more in-depth testing.

The free download can be quickly located in the iTunes App Store or Google Play (formerly the Android Market) by searching for “Recycle Calc” and looking for an icon with the PETE resin identification logo. Users select the PET resin type from listed options, indicate if the package is multi-layer (if so, select the second material), indicate whether or not additives, coatings or labels have been used (if so, what type), does the label release in a hot caustic wash, do inks bleed or transfer onto the PET during the wash, does the container have a closure, seal or other attachments (if so, what material) and do they float in water. Users are then taken to a summary screen where they have the opportunity to modify any of their previous answers.

When finished, users press the submit button, which takes them to a conclusions screen. Answers fall into one of three categories—recycle guidelines appear to be met; some components appear to be problematic for recycling; or your package appears to be problematic for recycling. The PET Packaging Recycling Calculator is an ideal tool for brand owners, packaging engineers, plastic processors, resin producers and others involved in the PET process.

Plastic Technologies, Inc.