The nation's third largest refrigerated cold storage and logistics provider,United States Cold Storage(USCS), announced eight personnel appointments.

Said USCS President & Chief Executive Officer David Harlan, “I am very pleased to be promoting each of these staff members. They all have strong backgrounds in the (public refrigerated warehouse) PRW industry and each possesses proven skills and knowledge. I know that these managers will be extremely productive in their new positions.”

USCS said it promoted ...

... Mike Lynch to corporate vice president of engineering. Lynch previously was director of engineering. He succeeds Chuck Toogood, who retired in December. USCS said Lynch helped develop and implement USCS’ energy strategy. He also has assisted in several land acquisitions and managed construction of Warsaw, N.C. (Phase II); Bethlehem, Pa. (Phase II); Lake City, Fla.; Wilmington, Ill.; Lebanon, Ind.; and Hazleton, Pa. (Phase II).

... Joe Stephens to continuous improvement & training manager. Stephens joined USCS in 2005 as inventory supervisor in Bethlehem, Pa. During the past six years Stephens held positions in Bethlehem as assistant superintendent and superintendent. In July 2008 Joe was promoted to corporate warehouse systems analyst.

... Adam Ashley to general manager for Lebanon, Ind. Ashley previously was Lebanon operations manager. He transferred to USCS Lebanon from Omaha, Neb., where he held warehouse supervisor and superintendent titles at USCS Omaha (Neb.).

... Leslie Burkholder to general manager, Harrisonburg, Va. Burkholder previously was operations manager in Harrisonburg. She began her career with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (budget, finance) before joining turkey processor Wampler Foods in 1995. In 1998, she transferred to Harrisonburg and Cassco, which was affiliated with Wampler. She was named operations manager at Harrisonburg in 2004, three years before USCS acquired the facility.

... Chris Harrington to general manager for Turlock, Calif. Harrington previously was customer service manager in Tulare, Calif.  He joined USCS in 2003 and assumed his customer service role. Harrington transferred to Turlock during its construction and since has overseen the facility’s growth.

... Judy McLester to general manager, Marshville, N.C. McLester most recently was Marshville operations manager. In 1993, she joined Cassco (acquired by USCS in 2007) and began as a shipping clerk. She later served as office manager and then general manager.

... Gerardo (Jerry) Palencia to general manager for Laredo, Texas, Building III. Palencia previously was Laredo operations manager. He joined USCS in 1998, working part time through high school and college. After graduating in 2003 (University of Texas-San Antonio), Palencia became a full-time employee and worked as a management trainee. Since 2003, he has performed various roles in billing and accounts receivable. He also has served as a warehouse supervisor, customer service supervisor and sales manager.

... Riad Sweilem to general manager, Clearfield, Utah.Sweilem most recently was Clearfield’s operations manager. He joined USCS in 2004 in Minooka, Ill.,, as a warehouse associate. Later, USCS transferred him into the transportation department and later (in 2007) to Bakersfield, Calif., as a warehouse supervisor. Sweilem transferred to Clearfield when USCS opened the facility in 2009.

Based in Voorhees, N.J., USCS is a leading refrigerated warehousing and related logistics services company with 194 million cubic feet of temperature-controlled warehouse and distribution space in 34 facilities located in 12 states including California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia.