It's a healthy on-the-go snack for kids ages two to four. That's howThe Dannon Company, White Plains, N.Y., describes new Dan-o-nino yogurt.

Dannon says successful test market sales led the company to go national with this new offering, which comes in a 1.76-ounce serving. Dannon says that -- on a per-ounce basis -- Dan-o-nino delivers two times the amount of calcium of milk and contains three grams of protein, which is 19 percent of the recommended daily value.

Since 90 percent of bone strength is developed during childhood and adolescence, it is essential to provide young children with a source of calcium during the developmental years, Dannon says. Dan-o-nino supplies a significant amount of calcium and it contains Vitamin D to aid calcium absorption.

"Not only is Dan-o-nino a nutrient-rich product in a perfectly proportioned size, it's delicious and handy for families on-the-go," says Inger Hustrulid, RD, LDN, founder of Foundations Family Nutrition, Inc. "Dan-o-nino helps build a strong foundation for healthful snacking among children when it is consumed as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle."

Adds Miguel Freitas, PhD, health affairs director at Dannon, "Dan-o-nino is a power-packed snack that contains essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D and protein. With Dan-o-nino available nationally in January, parents can get their preschooler off to a nutritious start this new year."

Dan-o-nino is available in three different types of six-packs with six flavor varieties: strawberry, banana, raspberry, strawberry banana, peach and vanilla. Dan-o-nino is available in packs of six for a suggested retail price of $2.29 in the dairy and yogurt section of food retailers.