Videojet Technologies, Wooddale, Ill., introduced the Videojet 3020 laser coder, an entry-level 10-Watt CO2 laser for marking and coding applications of consumerVideojet laser coder packaged goods and industrial products.

The Videojet 3020 coder employs scribing laser technology and large marking fields to provide quality markings on paper, cardboard, plastics and various other materials. The compact single-box design is engineered for fast installation, quick starts, simple operation and fast line changes to assure high versatility and uptime.

Plus, the Videojet 3020 weighs just 15.4 pounds, and can be integrated either as a stand-alone solution using the easily adjustable mobile stand or directly into the line with mounting brackets.

The Videojet 3020 laser coder and its user interface are configurable in 19 languages.

Videojet Technologies, Inc.