Matthews Marking Systems, Pittsburgh, Pa., announced a new line of lasers called e-SolarMark+, which come in a variety of laser types, including CO2, fiber and a range of diode, including UV and green diodes.

The upgraded 15-inch touchscreen controller now features a wide variety of hardware upgrades, including additional user-configurable I/O and parent/child controller configurations. The new controlling software—SolPRO—boasts improvements in its user interface graphic handling, non-Latin language support, remote diagnostics and enhanced support for a wide variety of 2D codes.  

Featuring a large, multi-colored LED to indicate status, the new laser design offers a sealed beam path to further limit dust ingress, beam bending modules for tight spaces and a better exterior design for simple maintenance. Default laser configurations are air cooled, but can be easily upgraded to water-cooled for high-temperature environments. 

The new eSolarMark+ line also includes new scanning heads to maintain accuracy while significantly expanding the range of marking windows, which feature the large area marking heads that can manage print areas up to 28”x12” (700mmx300mm). 

Matthews Marking Systems