Greek Cream Cheese
Franklin Foods, Delray Beach, Fla., launched Greek Cream Cheese, a combination of premium cream cheese, Greek yogurt and farm fresh milk and cream. This Greek cream cheese delivers twice the protein and 50% less fat than regular cream cheese, and the company’s patented formulation allows for easy spreading on bagels, crackers, fruits and vegetables. Greek cream cheese is available in the dairy case in 8-ounce bars, 8- and 12-ounce soft and 8-ounce whipped with a suggested retail price of $2.29-3.29.

Greek Frozen Yogurt Pints, Bars
Yoplait yogurt is also now available in the frozen aisle. Minnesota-based General Mills debuted Yoplait Original and Greek Frozen Yogurt Pints and Bars. The frozen yogurt pints come in Strawberry, Harvest Peach, Strawberry Banana, Cherry Orchard, Mountain Blueberry, Vanilla and Mixed Berry for a suggested retail price of $3.99. Meanwhile, the 1.75-ounce frozen yogurt bars are available in Strawberry Banana and Harvest Peach with a suggested retail price of $4.93 for a box of 10, while the 2.65-ounce bars come in Honey Caramel and Raspberry for a suggested retail price of $4.93 for a box of six.

Egg Beaters Three Cheese
New to the breakfast segment are Egg Beaters Three Cheese variety packs from ConAgra Foods, Inc., Omaha, Neb. Made with Swiss cheddar and provolone cheeses and all-natural egg whites, each serving contains 4 grams of lean protein for 25 calories. They’re available nationwide in a 15-ounce resealable pour-spout container with a suggested retail price of $2.99.

Sauté Express Saute Starter
Land O’Lakes, Arden Hills, Minn., is “setting the innovation table” in cooking with the launch of Sauté Express Sauté Starter. Found in the dairy aisle, this seasoned butter and olive oil sauté starter cooks and flavors chicken, fish and pork in one easy step. Sauté Express Sauté Starter boasts a suggested retail price of $3.79 for a 6-ounce box of six 1-ounce flavor packets. Each square cooks two chicken breasts, two pork chops or two fish fillets.

Greek Yogurt with Splash of Citrus
The Greek Gods brand of Greek-style yogurt from The Hain Celestial Co., Melville, N.Y., now includes Honey Orange and Honey Lemon flavors. Available in a 24-ounce family-size container, these new yogurt offerings pair tangy citrus with sweetness from honey to form a rich, creamy yogurt. They are available in the refrigerated section of grocery stores nationwide.

Homemade Greek Frozen Yogurt
Cincinnati-based United Dairy Farmers introduced a cool twist to the Greek yogurt craze with Greek frozen yogurt. Sold under the Homemade Brand line, it combines the tart, rich taste of Greek yogurt with high-quality ingredients to offer fewer calories, about half the fat and more protein than traditional ice cream. This new frozen yogurt line comes in Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach and Honey Granola flavors, and is available in pint-sized containers in local grocery and United Dairy Farmers’ stores.

Ben & Jerry’s Goes Greek
Paving the way to the start of the ice cream season is a new line of Greek frozen yogurts from Ben & Jerry’s, the Burlington, Vt., brand owned by Unilever.

Available in pints and mini-cups, flavors include:
• Strawberry Shortcake, a strawberry-flavored Greek frozen yogurt with shortbread pieces.
• Raspberry Fudge Chunk, a raspberry-flavored Greek frozen yogurt with fudge chunks.
• Banana Peanut Butter, a banana-flavored Greek frozen yogurt with peanut butter swirls.
• Blueberry Vanilla Graham, a blueberry and vanilla Greek frozen yogurt with graham cracker swirls.
Ben & Jerry’s also rolled out Chocolate Therapy, a Scoop Shop favorite.

On-the-Go Yoplait Smoothies
Yoplait expanded its on-the-go options with Yoplait Smoothies, which feature frozen fruit, fruit juice and real Yoplait Greek yogurt. The smoothies can be made by adding 3/4 cup of skim milk and blending. Each 4.5-ounce freezer package yields a single 12-ounce serving. Available in Mixed Berry and Strawberry Banana Orange flavors, Yoplait Smoothies carry a suggested retail price of $2.99.

Artisan Deli Cheeses
A new line of artisan deli cheeses is available from Litehouse Foods, Sandpoint, Idaho. Artisan blue cheese, gorgonzola and feta are available in 4-ounce wedges and crumbles, 6-pound wheels and a 5-ounce center cut of the blue cheese. They are made with locally-sourced, single-source milk and are rBST and gluten-free. Suggested retail prices are $5.99-6.99 (wedges), $3.99-4.99 (crumbles) and $4.99-5.99 (center cut).

Sargento Ultra Thin-Sliced Cheese
Wish you could have your cheese (or cake) and eat it too? Well now you can! That’s because Sargento Foods, Plymouth, Wis., introduced Sargento Ultra Thin Sliced Cheese, the same Sargento natural cheese, but now with 45 or fewer calories per slice. Available nationwide in Swiss, Provolone, Colby-Jack and Mild Cheddar varieties, the Ultra Thin Sliced Cheeses are thinly cut from natural cheese and are an ideal option for wraps, omelets, casseroles, burgers and more.

Goat Milk Yogurt Line, New Maple Brown Sugar Flavor
Coach Farm, Pine Plaines, N.Y., trimmed up to 62% of the fat from its line of goat milk yogurt. Plus, the line now includes a Maple Brown Sugar flavor. The line will still be made in small batches on the farm. All five flavors will be available in 6-ounce containers nationwide with a suggested retail price of $1.99.