The newest flat wire conveyor belting design from Cambridge Engineered Solutions, Cambridge, Md., is ready to handle any type of fabrication process.Cambridge PackTin conveyor

The PacTitan flat wire conveyor belts provide a flatter, more precise picket form, which increases belt life by more than 30%. This picket form also significantly reduces belt elongation and stretching under load. They feature variable-width lateral belt openings, as well as defined, dedicated sprocket openings to prevent issues related to mis-tracking.

Dedicated sprocket openings are optimized to reduce localized distortion of the picket under heavy loads. The number of sprocket openings across the width of the belt can also be customized depending on the number of drive sprockets needed.

Manufactured from stainless-steel or other alloys, PacTitan is applicable to pasteurization, canning lines and more.

Cambridge Engineering Solutions