JBS United, Sheridan, Ind., redesigned its website, www.jbsunited.com, to allow for easier access to information about working with JBS United and their products and special sections designed for customers, potential employees, partners and more. The new website also features videos of customers highlighting their experiences with JBS United.

“Everything about the new site is designed to take visitors right to the information they need. I think everyone will enjoy the new videos and how efficiently it’s set up,” says Lisa Coverdale, marketing manager.

The site covers the entire range of JBS United’s business, with sections devoted to the grain division, Signature Farms division, the nutrition and animal health division, corporate responsibility and R&D.

Additionally, prospective partners can find videos and more in-depth information in the new “Partnerships” section. A visit to the revamped “Careers” page allows potential employees to hear from the people behind JBS United, with quotes from current employees on their experiences with JBS United and how they have seen the company motto of “Research. Relationships. Results.” put into practice.