Sealed Air’s Cryovac brand and Jofemar, a Doral, Fla.-based manufacturer of vending equipment joined forces to usher in a new era of ready-meal packaging Cryovac Simple Steps platethat delivers convenience for on-the-go lifestyles, as well as a refined visual appeal for improved consumer perception.

Sealed Air Corp., Elmwood Park, N.J., and Jofemar unveiled Simple Steps plate, as part of the line of unique vacuum-skin packaging with tight-to-the-product format. Developed for consumers, retailers and foodservice operations, the Cryovac Simple Steps plate offers merchandising appeal in transparent front vending machines. The material provides steam-assisted cooking, is self-venting and eliminates the need for package perforation, as there is no need to cut, peel or otherwise open the package to facilitate cooking.

All new Jofemar vending equipment is designed to ease consumer use and maximize operator profitability. Innovative features such as touch screens and swipe-card payment capabilities improve customer interaction. Proprietary Smart Vend elevator dispensing technology delivers product to consumer smoothly and without damaging product. EasyFlex conveyor delivery systems adjust to accommodate various product sizes and eliminate troublesome spiral dispensers.

Cryovac Simple Steps packaging integrates with four of Jofemar’s newest equipment offerings:

• ES-Plus, a transparent front machine equipped with a refrigeration unit to keep perishable food and beverage items at safe storage temperatures and features a larger elevator delivery system for dispensing bigger items. The machine dispenses refrigerated ready meals consumers can take away to heat in personal or commercially provided microwaves.

• The Icefood machine features a full front capable of integrating company or product branding and dispenses frozen ready meals.

• The Menu Master dispenses refrigerated ready meal products and incorporates advanced features, including the company’s first elevator-equipped machine.

• The Multiplus Gourmet machine features an integrated microwave to offer consumers the choice of hot, ready-to-eat gourmet meals or cold meals to take away to enjoy later.

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