Monogram Food Solutions, Memphis, Tenn., is one of the leading manufacturers of licensed, co-packed and company-owned brands of meat snacks. Monogram Bradman Lake cartoner Food Solutions’ focus is to achieve high levels of product quality coupled with stringent manufacturing standards. When it comes to packaging processed meat products, it has to meet and exceed industry-mandated hygiene requirements. Therefore, when it came to selecting a new carton lid closer to close their 3-flap style lid covers, Monogram Food Solutions acquired a machine that can withstand caustic washdown.


Jeff Johnson, vice president of operations at Monogram Food Solutions, turned to Bradman Lake Inc., Rock Hill, S.C., who designed a top-loaded, triseal-style, 3-flap carton lid closer that can meet today’s heightened sanitary washdown requirements. Bradman Lake manufactured a version of the RA120 right-angle, 3-flap carton closer engineered to withstand caustic washdown and eliminates areas where bacteria can hide.


Easy to clean. The machinery is easy to clean in place on the packaging line. It does not have to be moved to a separate location. This factor significantly reduces downtime required for cleaning, maintenance and carton size changeover.

Durable for a long life. The machine is durable and designed to provide long and reliable service. It is designed to withstand frequent caustic foam washdown using water applied from a high-pressure hose pipe.

Paint-free construction. The machine comprises of stainless-steel, high-quality plated aluminum and high-performance plastics.

Smart design. Smart design eliminates areas that could become bacteria traps and cause food contamination.

Bradman Lake’s 3-flap carton closing machines are designed to handle all types of board. Whether manufactured from thin or heavy gauge chipboard or corrugated micro-fluted board finished with high-quality printing, the Bradman Lake right-angled range of carton closers produce perfectly formed, square and unblemished cartons that are secure and strong for shipping, yet suitable for shelf or freezer display.

The RA range comprises three machines with speed capacities ranging from 60-120 cartons per minute. The variable speed infeed is designed to accept product at random and automatically meters the cartons into the machines. All machines use the unique “flexible carton control” (FCC) technology system that allows for cartons containing product of inconsistent size—protruding above the carton base—to be closed without jamming. Servo driven 90-degree transfer system ensures every carton is positively transferred through 90° as cartons transit into the second closing stage irrespective of presence of water, grease, product contamination or shifting contents.

The RA range provides two machine footprints, the RA60 being the smaller and more compact, while the RA90 and RA120 share a common footprint.

The RA120 employs servo control on turn correction, FCC overhead conveyors and twin through slat conveyors.