San Francisco, Calif.-based Citizen Chef created Fresh Sauces, a new line of sauces made with all-natural ingredients and featuring unique flavor combinationsCitizen Chef sauces based on some of the world’s most popular culinary experiences.

“Our Fresh Sauces make cooking approachable, inspiring consumers to cook healthy, tasty and uncomplicated meals with real ingredients that the whole family can enjoy,” says Drew Taylor, co-founder and president. “Perfect for anyone from busy professionals to multi-tasking parents, Citizen Chef Fresh Sauces take the work out of making meals from scratch.”

Citizen Chef Fresh Sauces are crafted without added salt, sugar or calories and are ideal for stir-frying, sautéing, grilling and more.

They come in the following varieties:

Thai Coconut—Citizen Chef’s most popular sauce puts the “Thai” in appetizing with a smooth blend of coconut milk, roasted sesame seeds and ginger. Perfect for stir-frys, sautés and soups.

Chipotle Adobo—A smoky blend of chipotle peppers, roasted tomatoes and lime, this sauce goes great with fajitas, tacos and more.

Limone Garlic—Made with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and a fresh squeeze of lemon, this sauce provides a restaurant-worthy layer to any seafood or pasta dish.

Hawaiian Pineapple BBQ—This island-style sauce combines the flavors of tamari, freshly grated ginger, rich sesame and a pop of pineapple, offering a unique flavor to fish tacos and stir-frys.

Pan Asian Orange—An aromatic blend of tamari, freshly grated ginger, orange zest and lemongrass is a perfect match for creating sautés and grilling.

Citizen Chef Fresh Sauces boast a suggested retail price of $2.99-3.99.