South Florida Logistics Services, a Miami-based subsidiary of Florida East Coast Industries, Inc. (FECI), is requesting the transportation infrastructure funds for the South Florida Logistics arielIntermodal Logistics Center (ILC) access roads at FEC Hialeah Yard and 67th Ave., truck loading ramps and internal traffic circulation roads.

This $2.5 million investment from Florida Governor Rick Scott is among the first four grants for the ILC Infrastructure Support Program, which provides an annual allocation of $5,000,000 with a 50% matching fund requirement from applicants. ILCs play a significant role in expanding trade and logistics infrastructure by enhancing the state’s seaports, airports and railroads and supporting intermodal highway connectors.

“The Florida Department of Transportation’s comprehensive trade and logistics infrastructure programs represent a powerful engine for economic growth, fueling both job creation and a renewed interest in South Florida as the nation’s premier international business hub,” says Chris Scott, president and CEO. “This grant will inject resources directly into the construction of an advanced transportation road network that will move goods seamlessly through our ports and across our state and to destinations throughout the country.”