Dematic, Grand Rapids, Mich., introduced FlexSort SL2, a high-capacity package sorting system.Dematic FlexSort

The Dematic FlexSort SL2 is applied throughout the warehouse or distribution center in areas, such as receiving, order fulfillment, consolidation and shipping, to increase operational performance, productivity and accuracy. Web-enabled modular software and distributed controls manage all areas of the unified sortation system, including merge, induct, diverting and take-away.

The FlexSort SL2 is said to produce one of the highest sort rates at the slowest operating speed—200 cartons per minute at 400 feet per minute. Reduced operating speed minimizes wear, sound and energy use. Furthermore, automatic speed control allows the sorter to vary operating speeds to accommodate the actual volume flowing onto the sorter. Peak rate is 400 cartons per minute.

FlexSort SL2 does not utilize the traditional large end drive motor with oily chain loops on either side of the sorter. Instead, it uses multiple drives to provide redundancy. The result—higher system uptime with less maintenance requirements, while issues such as messy chain oil and slat skew are omitted.

Users can select either the non-contact linear induction drive or a profile drive configuration.