New York-based Infor released Infor Advanced Scheduling 5.5 to enable production schedule optimization for process and complex manufacturing such as dairiesInfor supply chain optimization and beverage production to enhance liquid material movements.

Infor Advanced Scheduling 5.5 features components that are designed specifically for process management to redistribute tank inflow and outflow in the event of overlapping batches.

Other enhancements include magnetic batches and inventory simulation to enhance the planning experience. By minimizing unnecessary schedule interaction, this release facilitates shorter planning times and allows new planners to learn the application quickly.

Manufacturers can now automatically schedule clean-in-place (CIP) processes using specific quantity or time-based rules. The workbench provides a drag-and-drop interaction so production of smaller durations can be easily scheduled in a tabular format. This promotes simpler and faster planning for small duration production activities. Manufacturers can also calculate non-productive time and costs based on production attributes. Breaking down non-productive time into its most basic elements facilitates improved accuracy in time calculations and enables more efficient throughput.