Xgenex LLC, a Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.-based biotechnology company, entered into a commercial agreement with Food Safety Resource, LLC, a California-based developer of “Applications” software, to commercialize software for the produce industry.

"Through this strategic agreement with Xgenex, a company recognized by the food and agriculture industry for its expertise in sustainable food safety technology, Food Safety Resources is expanding the commercial footprint of its cloud-based website and mobile app software solution to meet the needs of our agriculture and grower members,” says Jennifer Peracchi Harmon, chief executive officer and founder of Food Safety Resources. "Growers need an affordable, fast and easy-to-implement solution that ensures compliance with these new [FSMA] laws that protect the public from foodborne illness. With recent events of foodborne illnesses associated with fresh produce, we feel especially fortunate to have a proven solution that will allow all growers, large and small, conventional and organic, to have access to a powerful resource that is affordable and meets all of the new requirements of FSMA. The fact that a recognized food safety company like Xgenex is involved with this technology does a lot to increase confidence."

"It's important for the nut and produce industries to see and evaluate this progressive technology firsthand," adds Jim Byron, chief executive officer of Xgenex. "In an age of increasing legal responsibility, social networking, heightened transparency and sustainability in food production, fruit and vegetable producers now have a dependable ‘hand-held app’ technology that assures compliance with the new laws, is easy to use and is available at a low cost. "

"Xgenex is committed to creating sustainable solutions to the food industry's biggest food safety and food availability challenges," says Jim Byron, chief executive officer of Xgenex. "The Food Safety Resources ‘hand-held app’ solves a very challenging requirement associated with FSMA. Now that the laws have been passed and rules are being finalized, it is critical that the industry and growers have the tools necessary to comply with the law and also see a business value for investments in new technology. This website and mobile app accomplishes both goals. This is a significant breakthrough in our efforts to improve food safety, food quality and food availability in meaningful and sustainable, green ways.”