The United Parcel Service (UPS), Atlanta, and its risk management and financial services business unit, UPS Capital, launched UPS Proactive Response Secure toUPS call center help refrigerated and frozen food processors protect themselves against lost profits.

UPS Proactive Response Secure combines UPS’s logistics expertise and package tracking technology with a dedicated response team that continuously observes customers’ critical shipments and takes action when needed. If a potential risk is identified, or if a shipment can't be delivered as scheduled, they initiate service recovery procedures based on customers’ pre-defined instructions.

In the event of a product loss, UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc.’s easy claims process allows for reimbursement up to a shipment’s retail value. Companies may also be protected from the additional costs of expediting packages, refrigerating or replenishing dry ice for temperature-sensitive shipments, upgrading delayed critical shipments with next flight or same-day delivery or re-routing shipments to alternate addresses.

UPS Capital