Minneapolis-based Great Bay Software announced the Beacon Endpoint Profiler version 4.3. 

Features include:

  • Ships with more than 1,300 out-of-the-box device profiles to provide accurate, real-time discovery and classification of more managed, unmanaged and IoT devices. 
  • Provides the ability to sponsor temporary or protected access for IoT devices, and can assist in automatically moving devices from restricted to full network access based on the discovery of new profile data. 
  • Continuously monitors endpoint data for changes in identity or the detection of uncharacteristic behavior. Any such change can trigger enforcement policies that can dynamically limit network access or isolate the device all together. Uncharacteristic behavior such as a printer trying to communicate across unexpected ports can be a tell-tale sign of a MAC spoofing attempt that can go undetected by other systems.
  • Alerts, restricts access or blocks devices based on a number of policies, including the discovery of a specific device type or the detection of new profile data.

Great Bay Software